Debating A Liberal

Conservatives make factual, reasoned arguments – the left makes character arguments.  Another way to say it is conservatives argue based on what is.  Liberals argue based on feelings.

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

First and foremost – don’t waste your time debating someone who’s not even open-minded… who’s not convincible.  But if you get into an discussion/argument – get in it to win, and win big.

To do that, you must follow these ten steps to “arguing with a Liberal”.

  1. Hit them first.  Don’t wait for them to label or demonize you (calling you greedy, hateful or their favorite label to try to shut you up… racist).  That’s the tactic of the left.  You must accuse them of being “the bad guy” right off the bat.  Most arguments (especially political ones) are won or lost in the first few exchanges.  Hit them first and stay on the offensive.
  2. YOU frame your opponent   You must characterize them and their side early and hard.  You must define their character, thereby forcing them to defend themselves.
  3. YOU must frame the argument.  Like gun control, the question isn’t if you need an assault rifle, the question is if you’re for gun rights… if you’re for the Constitution… if you support or appose the government telling you what you “need”.
  4. Point out the lefts philosophical inconsistencies.  Like with abortion, the left wants it free and legal, but fights to not allow 4D ultrasounds.  Why?  Might the mother see the baby (not fetus) growing inside her and change her mind?  Or when they make the argument that conservatives want to control a woman’s body – when the baby is not a part of the woman’s body, it’s a baby inside the woman and we are trying to protect the baby.  Or gun control, when liberals are against assault rifles, but are ok with handguns.  Or are ok with a 7 magazine clip – but not a 15 magazine clip.  So is it ok that they can kill just 7 people!??  You get the point.
  5. Don’t get side-tracked by red-hairings.  When you put liberals in a position of having to defend themselves (see also #9), they will try to distract from the main argument.  Don’t fall for it.  A common red-hairing is, “well, what about Bush, he did it!”.  Your retort can be, “well, what about Woodrow Wilson, he probably did it too!  But we’re not talking about the past, so let’s try to stay on the subject and who’s in the Oval Office and what he’s doing”.
  6. If you don’t know something – admit it right off the bat.  Tell them, “I don’t know, but I’ll research it and get back to you”.
  7. Don’t get stuck defending someone on the right – when they are wrong.   President Bush was an honest man with high moral character, but his second term and out of control spending were a disaster.  Don’t try to defend what wasn’t conservatism.
  8. Let the other side have meaningless victories.  Agree with them when you can.  Like on immigration – you TOO want a pathway to citizenship.  That pathway is to send them back to where they came from and have them follow the laws like the immigrants who are.
  9. ASK QUESTIONS!  Liberals HATE answering questions and having to back up their claims with… <gasp> facts.  Make them defend their position (see #3 and #4).
  10. If you’re talking/arguing in person, watch your body language.  Image DOES matter.  Be confident but not snarky.

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